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A Representation of Time Series for Temporal Web Mining

author/s: Mireille Samia
booktitle:Tagungsband zum 16. GI-Workshop Über Grundlagen von Datenbanken (16th GI-Workshop on the Foundations of Databases)
publisher:Institute of Computer Science, Heinrich-Heine University Düsseldorf
address:Monheim, Germany

Data with temporal information is constantly generated, sampled, gathered, and analyzed in different domains, such as medicine, finance, engineering, environmental sciences, and earth sciences. Temporal Web mining extends temporal data mining and Web mining, and concerns the Web mining of data with significant temporal information. Its main goal is to query local and Web data in real time, analyze these temporal sequences in order to discover previously unknown important temporal information. Using temporal data as temporal sequences without any preprocessing fails to extract key features of this data. For this reason, before applying mining techniques, an appropriate representation of temporal sequences is needed. This paper emphasizes on the representation of time series for temporal Web mining.

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